·Are the cured parts suitable for food and skin contact?

Please review to each resins MSDS for handling information, however in general printed objects shouldn’t come in contact with food. Once fully cured and washed the prints are generally just like normal plastic but prolonged skin contact should be avoided (ie. wearing the item as a ring).

·What’s the shelf life of the resin? Can you leave the resin in the tray

We see almost unlimited shelf life of the resin as long as it is kept out of light. The printer cover blocks UV light so that you can leave resin in the vat while you are not printing. But you’d better store resin in its bottle, if you want a longer shelf life. 

·How many parts can I print with 1 liter of resin?

Depending on your printing output and part size, 1 liter of resin can go a long way. Our 73mm tall Statue of Liberty, for example, uses ~12 cubic centimeters of resin. You could theoretically print 83 Statues of Liberty per liter of resin!

·Can the resin be used for jewelry casting?

Our castable resin is designed to burn out cleanly, without ash or residue and captures crisp, precise detail as well as extraordinarily smooth surfaces. It allows jewelers, designers, and engineers to go straight from a 3D design to a model suited for direct investment.

·Can you use third party resins with Draken?

Draken supports all third-party resins. We have tested several stable resins for Draken with various properties. MakerJuice and MadeSolid, FTD, and even the Formlabs resin work perfectly with 3Dfacture. What’s more, 3Dfacture’s materials development team has created our own resin, whose price is the lowest on market.

·How big is the Draken?

The printer is 10x16x27 inch (25x40x70 cm) when closed.

·What file formats does Draken support? What operating systems does the software run on?

The Form Software will accept standard .STL files. The software will support Windows, OSX and Linux.

·Can I use a LCD/LED based projector?

LCD/LED based projectors do not transmit enough UV light to be suitable for use with UV curable resin.

·Are there any specific requirements (such as dimensions, type) for the projector?

In general, you can choose most DLP projectors with high enough lumen. For dimensions, we have designed a projector mount that can support a few main stream projectors. We have tried two main brands of projectors: Viewsonic PJD7820HD and Optoma HD25. Both work well with our printer. We will release the projectors we support after Kickstarter campaign.