Greetings from Oregon, USA

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Greetings from the great Pacific North Wet West... 

I'm new to 3D printing in general, but not to hacking and making, so very much looking forward to how these hobbies will be expanded with the addition of the Draken.

I'm also a parent of 3 middle-high school kids that are also beginning to explore engineering and making interests, and they are probably more excited than I am to get printing :P  On of them has recently started getting into jewelry making, so we're looking forward to playing with the casting/investment compatible resins.

By trade, I am a SW engineer, writing tools that developers use write apps for mobile and IoT devices.  So I also expect to do some experimentation with the wireless host capabilities provided through the Raspberry Pi add on option.

Looking forward to the collaboration with others via the forums.

For those who also like (or prefer) IRC for discussions, there is an existing channel on for the general topic of DLP SLP 3D printing, #dlp3dprinting.  You'll find me on there under the same nick, "sabotage".  I've only been on it since the Draken Kickstarter campaign closed, and I'm not affiliated with those who started the channel, or those who operate it... just letting others know of another place to learn more about DLP printers.

Best regards,

Shane... (aka "sabotage")
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