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I think it would be helpful and appropriate if those of you who are 3DFacture employees or representatives should be identified as such in some way.

Some forums do this with "titles" that show near/below their forum user name, others have the ability to add "badges".  When those aren't available (and I'm not familiar with Vanilla Forums to know), then other alternatives include:
  • Adding "_3DFacture" to your forum username
  • Adding a "signature" to every post
  • Adding the company logo to your profile picture
The reasons are as simple:
  • Promote the spirit of transparency and full-disclosure
  • Avoid any confusion over bias or conflict of interest
  • Make it easier to know who has more authority when it comes to statements made about or on behalf of Draken and/or 3DFacture
  • Make it easier for folks to know who to ask for help from
Additionally, I would like to encourage the folks from 3DFacture to use REAL forum user accounts, not the "admin" (evokes something too generic, impersonal, enigmatic, and big brother-ish).  I think you will find it to result in a more personable, friendly and welcoming experiance for all involved.

Thanks for the consideration,

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  • David_BarryDavid_Barry Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Great idea Shane. I try to help other backers but don't work with 3D Facture. I check forums when I need a break and can't stand to look at code get my mind off topic. Separating my knowledge if other SLA products and what I have learned from 3D facture from 3D Facture's first hand knowledge is important.

    The 3D Facture should be proud. It would be great if the 3D Facture team
    each created a forum ID and included a Picture and some background. The 3D Facture team is busy getting Draken out door and can't have a person checking forums often. Backers are going to have help each other out with questions but we need to make sure that 3D Facture's comments are clearly seen and identifeid as the Authority talking.

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  • ValterValter Member, Backers
    Great!! I agree. We need some faces to talk. :)
  • Andrew_3DfactureAndrew_3Dfacture Member, Moderator, Backers
    Thanks for the suggestions, Shane, David, Valter.
    It is the first time for us to use Vanilla forum. 
    The experience is good so far but need more time to get familiar with all the functions.

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