Hi I'm Robin

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my name is Robin and I'm a mechincal engineering student from the Netherlands and I'm very intrested in 3D printing.
2 years ago I already built my own FDM printer based on the prusa air design. it prints quite decent for a FDM printer but it takes some hard work to finish the parts nice and shiny without the layers being visable. Another problem of my FDM printer is that it makes a lot of noise so I couldn't run when I was sleeping (and it terrified my mom it would catch fire or something ;P). So for this reasons I decided to back the Draken DLP/SLA printer ! 

It promises a smooth surface finish, the promise it to be silent and hopefully it will be a bit more reliable than my FDM printer.

I can't wait to get it and start printing! I'm also a active tester of the creation workshop Host software for the raspberry pi, this makes the Draken printer wireless :D further details will be in a different post.



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