Hi I'm ML, from Hong Kong.

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Hello, Everyone, I'm Man-Lung From Hong Kong, have been a server tech. for 25 years, interest in new gadgets and computer related stuff... will using the 3D printer for model making.. e.g. Robot, Lego, Gundam.. etc.. hope to post picture.. soon.. .after I got my resin...


  • Joseph_OsbornJoseph_Osborn Member, Backers
    Hi ML!  I'm a model maker, too.  I guess your printer got to you really fast since you're in Hong Kong ;)  I hope you get your resin shipment soon and can start having some fun.
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    Welcome ML... Sorry about the resin delay, hopefully they are able to get you some extra from their factory locally.  You asked in another thread if anyone had printed yet... Yes, I have... it's not much, only a calibration test.  Here is a link to that discussion: http://3dfacture.com/help/index.php?p=/discussion/132/first-backer-print-on-the-draken
    imageBacker(Ultimate Package - delivered on July 1, 2015)
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    Hi Joseph, Great to hear that you're a model maker too..
    :D... yup.. I hope so..... still waiting....
  • mlyaumlyau Member, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    edited July 2015
    Hi Sabotage, Thanks for the info.. Very Good.. will read this.. hope to post my print test soon... :)
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