Best of both worlds peel mechanism?

rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
I stumbled on this video on YouTube of a DLP printer that has an innovative slide and tilt peel mechanism.

This would really solve the problems I am having with my thicker B9 resin.


  • JHSJHS Member, Backers
    Wow that is a great solution. It shouldn't take too much effort to develop this considering that printers like our Draken already employ a motor to tilt the vat. The mechanism can just consist of a motor pulling and pushing the vat across a horizontal plane with the tilting end sliding along a track that dips down at the end of the pulling motion...
  • satoersatoer Member, Backers
    But why?? A sliding motion makes it so much easier to break the object from the build plate. Much more leverage than just pulling
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