First print with FTD deep black

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FTD deep black is the thing! The print was not entirely succesfull because I did not place enough supports. That's why the print was squashed. As a problem, the slices are not displayed in the right position. I mean the object was placed in CW in the middle of the print area and when I started printing, the slides were in bottom right position, part of the slides being even outside the print area. But over all, I am really pleased for the first print. 

It is an open source ring from thingyverse.


  • EdwardEdward Member, Backers, Ultimate Backer
  • kniborknibor Member, Backers
    How is the toughness? Is it very brittle? Would milling be an option? (I just tried makerjuice sf, gonna test the milling later :))
  • GravelleGravelle Member, Backers
    FTD is softer especially the standard blend. I have been using FTD SB deep black for the past 5days, had a half dozen prints and have yet to have a failed print. The it also requires very little post print curing.
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  • kniborknibor Member, Backers
    hmmm since FTD is cheapier and you guys are positive I'm gonna try it to when I run out of MJ :) for now I'm also very positve about the makerjuice SF I like it better than G+ but the curing time is a bit longer ;)!
  • EdwardEdward Member, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    It was just plug and play. The settings given by 3d facture 37xy and 50Z. No post curing, not even IPA bath. That's how it got out of the printer. It is softish, not very brittle. I am satisfied. :)
  • Joseph_OsbornJoseph_Osborn Member, Backers
    FTD Deep Black is great. I've been talking to the US distributor and he says to rinse briefly in IPA and then dry with compressed air and post-cure with UV. The prints are not sticky or smelly at all. Really a nice resin. The liquid resin is a little smelly and it crazes the orange acrylic, but these are acceptable trade-offs for the print quality.

    After it has been post-cured it is quite strong and can be sawed, drilled, and sanded easily.
  • bryanbryan Member, Backers
    Is the crazing just something we'll need to get used to, or will it shorten its life?
  • Joseph_OsbornJoseph_Osborn Member, Backers
    bryan said:

    Is the crazing just something we'll need to get used to, or will it shorten its life?

    According to 3Dfacture, it's merely cosmetic. I'm not 100% sure of that. I would like to see a vat made from quartz glass and aluminum that can be recoated and recycled for a long, long time. We're out of luck with the hood I'm afraid. I've put clear tape on the bottom corners to help prevent any more crazing from the resin on my fingers.
  • JHSJHS Member, Backers
    I should have some FTD Deep Black and IB arriving today or Monday after reading what @Joseph_Osborn had to say about it earlier on. Very interested to see how they work for me!

    Would be good if we can get some tips on setup and maybe things like exposure time recommendations for particular Z heights if possible :D
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