Bulk Ring Print

rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
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I've had a lot of success lately (knock on wood) of prints sticking and looking good. I decided to fill up the print area with copies of a single ring to make sure it can print a large area.

Projector Settings:
- Slot 2
- Lens extension mod (+3 mm) for tighter focus -> resolution (effective 40 micron XY)

- B9 mix 3:1 red/cherry

CW Settings:
- 50 micron layer
- 17.5/35 standard/foundation exposure
- 3 foundation layers
- Stepped peel (step of 20, delay of 250 ms)
- Additional -0.05 micron on Z before first print to help bury plate into vat


No adhesion problems, all rings printed fine. Did not need to use raft/base to anchor prints to plate.


  • sabotagesabotage Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Looking good! Is that your glass tile plate?
    imageBacker(Ultimate Package - delivered on July 1, 2015)
  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Yes it is. It's been working well so far!
  • Andrew_3DfactureAndrew_3Dfacture Member, Moderator, Backers
    Wow...pretty prints!
    It seems that it sticks very well on glass that a single support is enough to hold the ring.
  • kniborknibor Member, Backers
    Nice work @rkundla !
  • chizchiz Member, Backers
    Great prints! I wonder did you print these rings with the modified firmware or stock? I can't seem to get the part straight where the support structures meet the main part. (Will post pics later to better describe)

  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    @chiz Thank you for the kind comments. I think this is the stock firmware with a unrolled loop for the peel (multiple servo commands with delays inbetween).

    If you get a shift like that, I think it has something to do with the print moving around during those transitions. You really have to lock down the print with supports to keep the print from wobbling, or something else like a slower Z movement speed when the plate moves back into position might help.

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