Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite.

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Totally inspired by the game “Bioshock infinite” and decided I want to make a figurine.
Loved a picture of a cosplay player based on game character Elizabeth. Actually, the game studio also really liked the look of this girl and invited her to remodel the game character based on her. I modelled her in the same setting of the picture.
Printed in 2 parts. Position 5, 70x70 micron XY and 50 Micron Z. Total measurements L100 x W70 x H80. Biggest I could create in position 5. Still a bit too small for my taste. If I got more experience I will print it as big as possible.

The cut is in the middle of the bench and printed the other side upside down. Came out okay. I have some Z wobble, but this isn’t really noticeable in detailed models. Also the top side of the model separated a bit from the buildplate, but the squashed layers aren’t really noticeable also.

Glued the two pars together with Makerbot Resin and a UV flashlight. Filled the gabs with resin and sanded it with a Dremel and fine wet sand paper.

The hardened resin (green Makerjuice G+) is really postproduction friendly. Way better than FDM PLA. PLA tents to melt when I sand or Dremel it.

So, now I need to paint it. Any advice? Never done something like this before. I shall try to airbrush it white as base colour.


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    Nice model of Elizabeth. I enjoyed playing Bioshock Infinite. :D

    I think the use of Krylon or Rustoleum type spray primers and paints are compatible with the resin (acrylic for acrylic, right?). Someone mentioned an incompatibility with enamels, but if you put a primer layer down, that shouldn't be a problem unless your model is still wet, or hollow and leaking liquid resin.
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    imageModel was dry and solid. just airbrushed it white with water based paint. Didn't use primer. Seems to stick okay. Did not try a scratch test.

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    Wow...airbrush really makes the surface finish looks nice.
    Could be a cool DIY Thanksgiving or Christmas gift.
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    Painted the figure. Messed up a face a little bit, need to redo this. Also haven’t painted the eye’s. But overall not too bad for the first time. :)
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