Very small & thin print

Sometimes you don't think a model will print, and you get pleasantly surprised.  This is a 1/35 scale SATCOM antenna that I fully expected to fail, but instead it printed very well.  There are no supports except for the raft, and the four vanes are just 0.19mm thick.  Printed on the original vat that I've been using since early October.  The FEP film has a whole lot of little ripples and waves in it, but they really don't affect the surface of the prints very much.

50µ XY (3rd projector position), 30µ Z; FTD Deep Black with extra pigment; 4 base layers @6 secs, 3.5 sec build layers.  Default 3Dfacture lift parameters.  Build time ≈41 minutes.


  • chizchiz Member, Backers
    wow! Impressive! Really shows what the Draken can achieve.

    Unlike my prints yet but slowly getting to it.
  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Very cool @Joseph_Osborn I am amazed at what these classes of printers can do with very fine detail and lots of trial and error. ;)
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