Darth Vader Buddha Figurine 100mm tall

This was my first attempt at a large print. I wanted to make a timelapse video to startup a YouTube channel for all the projects I run in my garage.

The print was done in slot 7 at 50um layer height. The video details all my printing parameters. Subscribe to the channel because I want to get several more time lapse prints posted soon.






Thus final picture compares the final product with the 2 failures I had. All failures were due to separating from the build plate. The first attempt (left print) I didn't use a raft and because of the large cross section the separation forces pulled the print off the build plate. The second attempt I used a raft and got a little further but again the large separation forces pulled it off the build plate. The final attempt I hollowed the model out using Meshmixer and added two small drain holes to the back of the model.
Check out my Youtube channel Garage Science for videos and tutorials about printing with the Draken.


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    Great video @Gravelle! What camera and software did you use for the time lapse?

    Hollowing out large objects is very important to success with this printer, and probably any printer that uses a peel mechanism. The large cross-section solid layers will continue to pull and pull at the base layers until they separate. Hollowing out the model reduces the overall exposed area, reducing that pressure on the base layers and keeping it attached to your plate.

    An excellent example and a good looking output! :D
  • GravelleGravelle Member, Backers
    I used the app "lapse it" on my old cell phone and adobe premiere elements 14 to edit the video as a whole. I am going to use my gopro for my future videos so there isn't as much trouble staying focused.
    Check out my Youtube channel Garage Science for videos and tutorials about printing with the Draken.
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