DIY Countdown TImer Outlet Box

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Ever have a device that you want to only run for a specific period of time and lament the fact that you don't have a countdown timer like the ones you can put on a exhaust fan or other piece of equipment? I had two - my pickle pot and my UV curing lamp.

I put the DIY hat on and came up with this!


Built using pieces parts from Home Depot (or Lowe's or your favorite hardware store), with a little basic electrical knowledge, you can build one of these too!

*NOTE* This article is to show a concept and you will need to make sure you follow all rules for integrating such a device in your home. I will not be held responsible for damages incurred using this device, etcetera etcetera...

Here is the bill of materials (with Home Depot part numbers as of 2/3/2016):

  • 050169006832 - 2 GANG HANDY BOX 2-1/8" DEEP - $4.60
  • 051411261900 - RIGID LOCKNUT 1/2" STEEL 4PK - $0.75
  • 051411216924 - STRAIN RELIEF 1/2" (3/8" - 1/2") 2PK - $5.99
  • 781756626316 - 16/3 8' BLACK POWER TOOL CORD - $9.56
  • 078477977576 - 2G WHT NYL MDWY DUPLEX/DECORA WALLPLT - $1.48
  • 030878304696 - GE TIMER WIRED INW 4 HR COUNTDOWN - $19.97
  • 078477462751 - 15A WHT NYLON DBL POLE DUPLEX OUTLET - $1.99

Total Cost of Parts: $44.34

If you can do basic wiring, this is an easy enough job. I will post a step-by-step assembly soon!



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    <reserved for step-by-step instructions>
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