Hello from mexico

nicolasnicolas Member, Backers
i am nicolas, french living in mexico. I run an onine jewelry and use 3d print for making jewels.
i have a 1200 projet, wich limits me that's why i bough a draken.
i started to make my first print with the blue formlab castable resin.


  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Welcome aboard Nicolas!

    I'll be curious to hear about your experience with the Formlabs castable resin. We've been able to use the B9 castables with pretty good success, so it would be nice to add another resin to the "Works with Draken" list. ;-)
  • nicolasnicolas Member, Backers
    Hello rkundla,
    yes i already made some prints but i have some trouble as i have to fine tune some parameters (supports, layer thickness and time exposure) and as i am a beginner with this printer, it takes me some times.

    i will let you know.
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