Photonic3D : Looking for testers and programmers :)!

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Hi all!

in the early days of 3Dfactures Kickstarter campaign they promised wifi printing. Back than the software wasn't great of the used opensource project. Currently we made some nice progress but are still in beta stage.

Our project website can be found here : ;

It can be installed on most OS systems without a problem, altough most people will probably install it on a raspberry pi. Installing instructions can be found here :

We hope it helps makes using your 3Dprinter simpler and we would love if you could help us improve the software by leaving us feedback and maybe even help us with coding! That would be great!

But be warned it's still beta software, it does work! But there might be some bugs and room for improvements left, you can reach out to us on the github page or from our personal forum :

Kind regards,




  • Andrew_3DfactureAndrew_3Dfacture Member, Moderator, Backers
    Nice work @Knibor!
    Is it tested to work on Draken?   Maybe you can share a working configuration files etc.
  • kniborknibor Member, Backers
    edited June 2016
    @Andrew_3Dfacture Credits to the others from the team too! 

    And no my draken printer currently is catching dust because all my vats broke down and I am waiting for the flexvat. Currently I'm making an configuration for another printer. Feel free to jump in and we will add your printer and profiles for easy use too. 

    This is the printer configuration :

                   "PortName":"Autodetect 3d printer firmware",
             "gCodeFooter":"G1 Z 5;M18",
             "gCodeLift":"G1{$SlideTiltVal != 0? X$SlideTiltVal:} Z($ZLiftDist * $ZDir) F{$CURSLICE < $NumFirstLayers?$ZBottomLiftRate:$ZLiftRate}; G1{$SlideTiltVal != 0? X($SlideTiltVal * -1):} Z(($LayerThickness-$ZLiftDist) * $ZDir) F$ZRetractRate;<Delay> %d($ZLiftDist*60000/$ZRetractRate+200)",
             "zliftDistanceGCode":"M650 D${ZLiftDist} S${ZLiftRate}",
             "zliftSpeedGCode":"M650 D${ZLiftDist} S${ZLiftRate}",
    And the slicing profile is as followings :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <ZLiftDistanceCalculator>var value = 9.0;
    if ($CURSLICE &gt; $NumFirstLayers) {
     value = 3.5555555555555420e+000 * Math.pow($buildAreaMM,0) + 4.3333333333334060e-003 * Math.pow($buildAreaMM,1) + 1.1111111111110492e-006 * Math.pow($buildAreaMM,2);
        <ZLiftSpeedCalculator>var value = 0.25;
    if ($CURSLICE &gt; $NumFirstLayers) {
     value = 4.6666666666666705e+000 * Math.pow($buildAreaMM,0) + -7.0000000000000184e-003 * Math.pow($buildAreaMM,1) + 3.3333333333333490e-006 * Math.pow($buildAreaMM,2);
        <ExposureTimeCalculator>var value = $FirstLayerTime;
    if ($CURSLICE &gt; $NumFirstLayers) {
    value = $LayerTime
        <ZLiftDistanceGCode>M650 D${ZLiftDist} S${ZLiftRate}</ZLiftDistanceGCode>
        <ZLiftSpeedGCode>M650 D${ZLiftDist} S${ZLiftRate}</ZLiftSpeedGCode>
        <gCodeFooter>G1 Z 5;M18</gCodeFooter>
        <gCodeLift>G1{$SlideTiltVal != 0? X$SlideTiltVal:} Z(${ZLiftDist} * ${ZDir}) F{${CURSLICE} &amp;lt; ${NumFirstLayers}?$ZBottomLiftRate:${ZLiftRate}}; G1{$SlideTiltVal != 0? X($SlideTiltVal * -1):} Z((${LayerThickness}-${ZLiftDist}) * ${ZDir}) F$ZRetractRate;&amp;lt;Delay&amp;gt; %d(${ZLiftDist}*60000/$ZRetractRate+200)</gCodeLift>

    If you need anymore help please just tell me.

    Kind regards,

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