Best software for the Draken

Heya guys, is creation workshop (open source version) still the preferred software for this printer?

I am kind of ashamed to admit that I still haven't set up my Drakken, so I am officially a late bloomer and looking to rectify the situation this weekend. I am just a little lost on what software I should be downloading or buying for the machine.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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    As of right now, Creation Workshop is the only software that works with the Draken.

    Both the "free" and "paid" versions will work, since all of the smarts to talk with the Draken are in the configuration files.

    The free version can be found at a dropbox link from the original authors here.

    I was working on porting old B9C software to work on the Draken. Got about 50% done with that and put it on the shelf. Maybe I will have to blow the dust off it and give it a try again.
  • Is there any known advantages to the paid version over the current free version? $500 seems a steep tax to pay.
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    I've "heard" from the creator that they are selling licenses for $99 per year or $500 for lifetime. I can't see for a hobbyist whether it is useful or not to pay that kind of money when the free version works fine.

    For functions not available, there are other programs like meshmixer to hollow out models, or the B9C software, which can handle supports better than CW.

    I haven't seen anyone talking it up anywhere, which is usually a bad sign.
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    I'd like to also point out that there are two other 'software solutions' that can be made to work with it- NanoDLP and Photonic3D. Both are designed for web gui and handle a little differently than creationworkshop proper. They're both something I'd consider only for those willing to dig into some code and get their hands dirty, but they function nicely once setup (at least Photonic does- I've not gotten NanoDLP setup yet).

    In short, there aren't any convenient ones like you might find for FDM printers. There's probably a market opportunity out there for a really solid program..
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    SLA/DLP printers seem to use various formats, none of them consistent. B9 and Form 1/2 use a proprietary format with proprietary software. The Solus uses CW, but their command set is proprietary. They have their own software now, but it is not extensible. I've asked them if they would consider making it extensible as a pay replacement for CW. They indicated potential interest, but it is a really low priority for them.

    Until 3DFacture comes out with their own software, we are stuck with the freeware.

    How easy is it to use Photonic @AD001? It seems like you still need to manipulate and slice the files before you can upload them to these Raspberry Pi based programs.
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    For things like test rooks etc it is super easy; just upload and let the inbuilt slicer handle it. If you want anything with supports or custom orientations, you need to do all of that before uploading. This means generating a sliced file via creationworkshop desktop version and exporting. Unfortunately this also means that you need to have your CW desktop version set to input the commands that Photonic wants to see, which are in a different input format- hooray!

    So in retrospect, saying that they function nicely is missing an asterisk that, while Photonic at least DOES have some really awesome features and looks to have lots of potential, none of that comes without an increase in overhead time over stock CW.

    The public SLA field in general, be it it materials or software, is simply not as mature as with FDM, and we could really benefit from a redone slicer/etc program. Simplify3D is the biggest paid FDM slicer out there at $150, and I'd personally drop that in a heartbeat for sufficiently better software for SLA. It's a shame that CW/Datatree don't really talk much- correct me if I'm wrong but if I recall they're intending to do some sort of $100 or so annual subscription. I'm really not a fan of subscription culture for personal software. 

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    @AD001 with that yearly subscription, Datatree is targeting the professional user, not the hobbyist.

    What they could do is release a major update that requires you to pay another $99, but it can't be bug fixes and minor improvements. I can handle that. If they turn off your copy if you don't pay another $99, that would make me pretty angry.

    If I don't make supports in my CAD drawing, I use the B9 software to make my supports and export the STL to CW to print. Works better than some of the supports in CW. :P
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