Introduction of 3DFacture wax-like Castable Resin

We have officially launched our castable resin.
This resin has been tested by @rkundla.

For current users, we offer 15% discount (please email for coupon) to try out this new resin when you order on our store.
The printing results from Ron could be found in this discussion and the the resin data sheet can be found here (thanks for the help, Ron!).


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    Need coupons
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    Me too :)
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    I have a new investment that I like with the 3Dfacture castable green resin - Prestige Optima!

    Using their 38:100 ratio and deionized water, I've had excellent casting results using a 3 minute isopropyl wash in an ultrasonic with 30 minute of UV air cure in my new paint can chamber.

    The Optima allows top-end max temps of 1500°F, which really helps is burning out the resin. Using a standard SatinCast burnout schedule (1000°F ramps, 300 for 1 hr, 700 for 2 hrs, 1499 for 3 hours then down to casting temp) on a 2.5" diameter flask (3" tall), I got the following results in sterling silver today:




    There is a little ash/residue, but that will polish out. I am happy with the results. :-)
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