Small Aluminum Build Plate Group Buy

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UPDATE 10/7/2016: Better price quote below - skip to the end for more detail!

Hey everyone, I have the CAD file for the small build plate that I use for my jewelry printing and was going to go to Protolabs to have one printed up for my work.

I figured that some people might be interested getting one of these if you are printing at the higher resolutions and didn't want to have that giant build plate with a little print area.

The plate measure 127 x 77 mm (5 x 3 inches) and is 4 mm thick. It is made from aluminum 6061-T651 alloy.


There is a notch in the center on one side to accommodate the post on the 3DFacture ball head while the other side has the recessed countersink for the bolt that mounts the build plate to the ball head. You may not need the spacer from the original build plate if the ball head fits snugly with the plate.


Here is the price breakdown for multiple parts:

1 Part(s) @ $113.02 ea.
2 Part(s) @ $103.35 ea.
3 Part(s) @ $95.74 ea.
4 Part(s) @ $89.74 ea.
5 Part(s) @ $85.02 ea.
6 Part(s) @ $81.30 ea.
7 Part(s) @ $78.38 ea.
8 Part(s) @ $76.07 ea.
9 Part(s) @ $74.45 ea.

10 Part(s) @ $72.83 ea.
15 Part(s) @ $69.22 ea.
20 Part(s) @ $68.02 ea.

Since the plates would be shipped to me, I will need to put them in the mail to your location. You would pay actual USPS postage costs for your destination.

If you are interested, let me know so I can put together a list and see what kind of discount we can get!




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    I may be interested- would you be willing to put up some pics in the thread so we know what we're signing up for?
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    Sure, I meant to do that, but forgot - thanks for the reminder! :D
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    Alright, I received a new quote from another vendor and can get the following:

    Qty Unit Price

    1-5 $60
    5-10 $50

    This is the best deal yet! I am getting more detail on the material and lead time, so I will update when I have the info.
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    Out of curiosity... why do the 3Dfacture and your build plates drill all of the way through vs. threading the hole and putting some ol' red loctite in there? Is the price quoted for just the plate or plate + mount?
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    @AD001 - the price is just for the aluminum plate for retrofit of your existing ball head.

    Are you talking about the center bolt that holds the plate to the ball head? The ball head doesn't have a threaded post, so you need to attach the plate from the build side. The 3DFacture version has a cover sheet of aluminum so you don't have the bolt getting in the way, but I found that as long as everything is flat, I've have no adhesion problems when I print on top of the bolt head.
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    Is anyone else interested in a smaller build plate? I am going to place an order this week, so please let me know if you want one. 

    Send me a PM with your information so we can work out the details!
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    The group buy is over for now, but I can still get individual plates for $63 + plus shipping.

    Please let me know if you are interested via PM!
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