Hi I am David Barry

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Hi I am David Barry

In my 40's
Live in Hudson Valley New York In United States.
Software engineer, With Background in mechanical and electrical engineering.
Early backer to the Draken Kickstart.
I have been impressed by the Design and Engineering work 3Dfacture has done on Draken and think it has a bright future.
I think Draken was built on substance not flash and show like many other 3D projects that have come and gone.

Hudson Valley, NY Draken Ultimate Package Arrived 7-6-2015


  • PaulPaul Member, Backers
    Hello David,
    My name is Paul Austin.
    I am a manufacturing Jeweller and live in Queensland Australia.
    I was interested in the Little RP for awhile but couldn't get a response from them - wouldn't return my emails. Then I saw Draken. I needed see some decent photos of prints to be convinced. They eventually posted some and I got on board.
    Can't wait to get the printer
  • Joseph_OsbornJoseph_Osborn Member, Backers
    I'm Joseph Osborn from the US Gulf Coast.  I am a scale modeler.  I had been looking at FormLabs for quite a while but their printer's poor reliability put me off.  I also tried to contact the LittleRP guy but never got a reply.  I chose to back the Draken because the design is very solid and simple, like the LittleRP, but the construction appears to be more robust.  The openness is also very attractive-- totally unlike FormLabs.  I still have a lot of questions about the Draken and I am looking forward to not having to rely on Shapeways for my 3D-printed items!
  • ValterValter Member, Backers
    Hi all. I'm Valter Silveira from Brazil. My english is not good, but I'm effort to make me clear enough. So please, be patient with me :). I'm a 3D modeler, video graphic editor and now after 2 years researching about 3d printer, i'm working to build my own enterprise to make resin garage kits, art pop decor and many other products associated with 3d printer and resin casting. After I checked DWS X-Fab and Kudo Titan1. Draken appeared in my front and I'm very happy with Draken until now. Of course that I have some questions about print of large and tall 3d prints on Draken. But that's guys are making a amazing work, so I think so they will make a greats solutions to my questions.

    Keep fighting guys
  • skyxiskyxi Member, Backers
    edited February 2015
    Hello all,

    I am Sky Xi, Live in Exeter, UK,  from China.
    Material engineer, I like the design of Draken..especially the combined PCBs and PTFE coated VAT!
    I am running a 3D reconstruction company from photos, and would like to use Draken to print my 3d models...

    The community here seems to be friendly, found a lot of useful comments from David! 

  • Andrew_3DfactureAndrew_3Dfacture Member, Moderator, Backers
    Welcome on board, Dave, Paul, Joe, Valter, and Sky!


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