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    Good video Gravelle! 

    The one thing I am not sure about is if near UV output tracks 1:1 against the sensitivity region of the photoresistor, but I don't think there is any reason to worry since you can adjust the exposure to compensate for it. It would be nice if you can get a photoresistor tuned for that region.

    Do you have links to your paper sampling mask so I can print one myself? I am going to try this out with my Draken once I get my photocell and see how it works.
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    Yeah not a problem.... if anyone that hasn't done the UV pass filter mod yet and ordered the filter you could measure the light distribution using an unmodified projection and again with a modified projector to see if the light distribution profile is different.

    Here is the photoresistor matrix sheet: 

    Check out my Youtube channel Garage Science for videos and tutorials about printing with the Draken.
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