Allergic reactions to 3D printer resin

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I know that the components in the resin are known allergens to the skin depending on the exposure and your propensity to reaction. I've been recently fighting some irritation on my eyelids that seems to coincide with the time that I received my Draken and being exposed to multiple brands of resin.

I'm sure I've been a little lazy in protecting myself by wearing nitrile gloves, safety glasses or good ventilation. I will need to do better.

Has anyone else here experienced any allergic reaction to the resin? Is it really a big problem, or are all the safety warnings more for protection from lawyers?




  • GravelleGravelle Member, Backers
    The MSDS that ships with the autodesk resin states that the resin is a class 2A Eye Irritant, class 2 skin irritant, class 2 chronic aquatic hazard and a class 1B Reproductive hazard.  The last one caught my eye and I'm glad you brought this up Ron because otherwise I may not have looked up what a 1B reproductive hazard was.  Here is the definition from the OSHA website:

    "Substances which should be regarded as if they induce heritable mutations in the germ cells of humans
    (a) Positive result(s) from in vivo heritable germ cell mutagenicity tests in mammals; or
    (b) Positive result(s) from in vivo somatic cell mutagenicity tests in mammals, in combination with some evidence that the substance has potential to cause mutations to germ cells. This supporting evidence may, for example, be derived from mutagenicity/genotoxicity tests in germ cells in vivo, or by demonstrating the ability of the substance or its metabolite(s) to interact with the genetic material of germ cells; or
    (c) Positive results from tests showing mutagenic effects in the germ cells of humans, without demonstration of transmission to progeny; for example, an increase in the frequency of aneuploidy in sperm cells of exposed people."

    After reading that I know I will be much more careful about using gloves and washing my hands.  I've got two healthy children and I plan to make sure any new ones are healthy too :).

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  • AD001AD001 Member, Backers
    Exposure to 'stagnant air' around where resins are stored and worked with has given me eye irritation in the past. I was sensitized to it for a while and it gave me headaches, so no, the SDS is not stating that for lawyers. 

    If you've ever rubbed your eye after handling a print that hasn't been properly cleaned, I believe you're intimately familiar with what it can do :) If not... don't try it. Not especially pleasant.
  • GaryGary Member, Backers
    I can vouch for the skin irritation. Effect is similar to poison ivy and takes a good deal of time to heal.  Especially bad when not noticed on fingertips, and then transferred to face. Although I do not always wear nitrile gloves (I can spread resin around really efficiently with gloved hands!) I have made it a habit to do a thorough had wash after moving prints.

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