Building plate trouble to print on it

i have encountered sometimes trouble to make my prints stick to the building plate, i tried to clean it, sand it with some improvements sometimes.

Few days ago, by mistake i make a print on my very dirty building plate, by dirty i mean there were resin half cured on it on a very thin layer.
the print was just prefect i areas where i was sometimes struggling to make my print to stick on the build plate.

i made another print on the build plate (not so dirty this time) and faced once again trouble to print on this area that gave me trouble before.

Does someone has tested the same thing ?



  • GravelleGravelle Member, Backers
    Sounds like you have essentially used a raft on your print.  Have you included the support raft that creation workshop generates in your prints?  I recently perforated my build platform and have gotten better build platform adhesion since doing so.
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  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Resin sticks to resin better than it does to metal. I've read on other forums of people pre-curing a layer of resin on their build plates to help with adhesion.

    If you do not get proper adhesion, at the worst, the print falls off the plate partway through or doesn't adhere at all, or if you are lucky, only part of it broke loose and if printing multiple items, only some of the items are damaged.

    One thing I've noticed is that a non-flat build plate will always have problems with adhesion. If you take a piece of fine emery cloth on a hard flat surface (like a concrete floor) and run the build plate over it, you will probably notice some areas are wearing away more than others. 

    This of course assumes that your vat surface is flat as well. ;-)
  • nicolasnicolas Member, Backers
    Hello @Gravelle, i do not want a raft is, i looked for traduction with no result.

  • AD001AD001 Member, Backers
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    a raft is a big shape on the first layer (or first few layers- I do 2-3) of the print. The goal is to provide a large base to 'stick' to the build platform. Easy to demonstrate with a picture...

    See the big yellow rectangle on the bottom? That's the raft. I consider them a MUST for almost any print that doesn't already have one 'integrated' into the intended print. For reference, I manually lower my raft into the build plate such that only 2-3 layers get printed. This saves resin and makes it easier to remove.Creation Workshop will auto-generate you a raft by clicking on the button that looks like a "_" in the supports menu, shown on the picture as well.

    The real tl;dr is that a raft is an intentionally big printed area on your build plate so that any other layer has less printed area than it, resulting in a higher resistance to curing to the vat.
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