print issue

Hello Guys,
i have a print issue that i do not understand.

i can clearly see stratification on my prints, the problem is that i have cured resine outside the volume of my print, and do not understand how this is possible.
i use B9 resin and as it is very pigmented, i should not see this.
i have change the lamp bulb on my projector 2 weeks ago and i wonder if this could be the trouble. (while i did not see this on other prints).

the strange thing is that i have somes parts of my print very clean, and others very stratified. 

Could it be the adherence of the building plate to the VAT ?

here are some pictures of the problem:




  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Is your print hanging from the plate after you are done? If it is still attached, one things to make sure is that the print itself is not wobbling around due to insufficient supports You want to make sure that ring is anchored down well to prevent it from swaying around during the lift and settle period.

    If it looks like a skin tag hanging off the print, it is usually a cured bit that broke loose and re-attached somewhere else. I would look for unsupported elements in your sliced STL using the slice browser inside CW. Watch the grow pattern and see if you can see any unattached pieces show up. Stick a support on there and that should take care of it.

    Unfortunately there isn't enough contrast in your photos so I can't really make any more observations than that.
  • GaryGary Member, Backers
    Another thing to listen for is Z axis binding. This can generally be heard as a "knock" coming from the stepper. I often would occur at the same Z elevation. 
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