New Resin Made in Germany: DruckWege Type D

Hey guys,

we'd like to introduce you to our own blend of resin. It was developed with a Draken as a reference printer and had already proven to be quite durable and great detail. here you can have a look onto a reccent review of our resin


disclaimer: I'm Anton G. in this thread. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a mail, or just post it here.

You can get it from our webstore:


  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer

    Any photos to share on the forum?

    Are there any concerns about importing into the US?
  • DruckWegeDruckWege Member, Backers
    Hey rlundla,

    For pictures please visit our page
    or the G+ from above were users already discussing our resin and thread share pictures. Also you will find us on Facebook. We shipped already to the states, it takes some time though... Drop us a mail and we will create you an offer without tax, since our webshop doesn't support that, at the moment.
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