Hi, I'm Samuel Gravelle

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I'm Samuel Gravelle.  Mid 20s with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University.  Currently an Ensign in the Navy and stationed in Florida.  I've had experience with FDM printers and SLS printers from my time in college but not really any experience with resin printers.  The draw for me with the resin printers is the resolution.  I spent a lot of time looking at the Titan1 and the Formlabs+ and trying to decide between the two.  When I saw the Draken I saw what basically seemed to be a Titan1 but with higher quality construction, more options, and lower run cost (particularly with the Vat).  Plus they were offering it for over $1000 less than the Titan1.

I intend to use the Draken for making custom PCBs and other small projects, I also will be reaching out to the local universities to try and generate a little bit of business by printing parts for engineering students. (from what I can tell the university only offers a makerbot with PLA).  I've spent a lot of time over the past month during the kickstarter campaign researching resin printers, the simplicity of a DLP printer makes me wonder why more people aren't doing that.  I hope these forums can turn into a pool of information, I intend to share as much printing information as I can on here.

Check out my Youtube channel Garage Science for videos and tutorials about printing with the Draken.


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