Greetings from Atlanta, GA

Hi all,

This weekend I threw my hat in the ring and placed an order for the Draken w/o projector. I was a little hesitant as I'm sure you all were to make the purchase without seeing reviews. But after surveying the competition, this seemed like the best bet given budget constraints. I'm looking forward to seeing what y'all print. My main interest is in hobby scale modeling.



  • Joseph_OsbornJoseph_Osborn Member, Backers
    Hi Robert! I'm going to use my printer for scale modeling items, too. I am tired of sanding the parts I get from Shapeways! I backed the Draken because I needed something that can give me smooth 3D parts :)
  • Hi Joseph,

    Any particular subject matter that you enjoy? My first effort will be for the train table my kids and I are working on. After that, its real space modeling.

    From what I could tell, we need an XY resolution < 50µm, and Z < 25µm to get visually smooth prints. That narrows things down. I was also considering mUVe and LittleRP. But mUVe seems to have a z-axis wobble (even after their Z upgrade), and LittleRP stated they won't be doing another funding round on KS. 

    I like the way that Draken appears to be built from the photos/videos I see. The ball-joint build plate mount is clever.
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