Hi I'm Manuel

MsegMseg Member, Backers

My name is Manuel, and I just received a second hand Draken with no projector. I have already retrofitted a Viewsonic PJD7828HDL projector to it.

I'm looking forward to using this printer as method of printing figures designed in Sculptris and Meshmixer.


  • rkundlarkundla Member, Moderator, Backers, Ultimate Backer
    Welcome Manuel! You will find that the forum is a treasure trove of information regarding the Draken and how to use it.

    Feel free to ask any question you have on the operation of your 'new' printer and we look forward to seeing your printed work. :-)
  • GravelleGravelle Member, Backers
    Welcome, thanks for becoming part of the community!
    Check out my Youtube channel Garage Science for videos and tutorials about printing with the Draken.
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