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  • @Ron Thanks again Ron for the usual quick response and I admire that you have the most experience around these forums when it comes to SLA printing. ^:)^ I remember some terms from my Chemistry and Physics classes but don't recall "durometer shore h…
  • Excellent post, @Gary! I know it's just a matter of time before I refer to this article. I think I killed my vat and I'll try to refurb it myself until I get to replace it with the metal vat. When cleaning my stock vat, I noticed some goo-like subs…
  • @rkundlaActually my SF order just arrived today. Although I made a huge mistake -- I accidentally ordered the Form 1 variant not the UV/DLP one. :-O Advice from MakerJuice is that I can use this variant but would require longer exposure times. I'll …
  • Thanks @Andrew_3DFacture! I used MakerJuice G+ on this and I've already broken the clips twice. I'm getting an SF and will see if this resin variant will fare better for this need.
  • @Ron,Great prints! I wonder did you print these rings with the modified firmware or stock? I can't seem to get the part straight where the support structures meet the main part. (Will post pics later to better describe)
  • wow! Impressive! Really shows what the Draken can achieve. Unlike my prints yet but slowly getting to it.
  • Thanks Andrew for these updates and for the great work enhancing and resolving the issues! Thanks as well go to the Ultimate Backers for taking the time in reporting back all these issues.