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  • @rkundla thanks i had no idea the resin could be the problem. i made a print that failed but was much much better than before. Maybe because this VAT is brand new i need to use it a little but before my prints succed ?The fail is that the print star…
  • Ok thanks, i am printing with a brand new vat now (the other one had not even a month).i will change the resin to test if it can be that. thanks
  • I would like to agree with you.i have already rough sanded my base plate and have 30s for the base time.On one print, 1 ring came on two prints.Seconde and same prints, none with exactly the same set up. i would like to discover what i am doing wron…
  • Do you really need this special tool you made to separate the print from the build plateforme ?
  • Hello @Gravelle, i do not want a raft is, i looked for traduction with no result.
  • Hello,i was scratching my head to stop the leaking, so i think i came up with the dumbest idea, i put some B9 resin in the holes, cured it, and voilà, i just made a print and i have no leak now (it was leaking pretty much).wait to see how much it wi…
  • sure it helps
  • Joseph, could you tell me if you have found a product that fits to the vat and impeach leaking ?
  • i would have to seal these spaces, what kind of product do you recommand me ? 
  • Hello here are the pictures, i think i have two leaks, one because the seal start to peel off, and the other one because the seal is gone (it's not very clear on the picture), there is a tiny space between boths walls.
  • ok thanks for this @Gravelle
  • Hello, i have almost doubled the exposure time and mix well my resin, i think this is the lamp, i am going to change it to be sure.i found alo this video tutorail about removing a mask to improve the projector efficiency.does anyone has tried this 
  • ok thanks, i'll check that
  • Hi,yes i only use B9 in my tanks.the resin eats the silicon join on the corners of the tank, and it leaks, i am looking for a way to impeach the tank to leak, do you have any idea of product ?
  • hello thank rkundla.i'll try do use support on rhinogold as i use it too. to you use clayoo or other extension ?
  • Hello,problem solved. It seemed that the last element viewed by CW when i was saving my scene was a support and not the part. The support was selecting in a redlines box. So when i was dowsloading the file, CW could not see any object. i made good d…
  • Ok, i have just checked the console as you told me so Rkundla and i have this error code:Err :Object reference not set to an instance of an object. to be honest, i have no idea what is the trouble as i have proceed as always. it there a problem on …
  • ok, i am going to test your solutions.thanks
  • Hello,i made a good print yesterday, with those settings of light exposure send in my last message.But it seems the supports moved, i have no idea why. because i changed the VAT and the resin bottle at the same time, it is difficult to be sure where…
  • Hello,i made a successful print yesterday, i increased 50% the exposure time for the base layer and the print 45 s for the base layer and 22 s for the print layer. i am goind to make some more tests today and see what happens.
  • Hello,i did not stop the print midway, i let it finished the print 100% What is the hdmi depth feature, is it on the pc or the projector i have to check this ?i use windows8
  • Hello,i made a new test that failed.i followed the instructions above, so i cleaned the fep film with alcool, i mixed well the b9 resin and turn the printing plateform as i had been printing on the same side since 10 months or you can see, the…
  • Hello,that's interesting because i have just opened up a new bottle of B9 yellow. is this resin the problem ? since september, i have been printing non stop b9 yellow with the same VAT with absolutely no trouble so i am pretty amazed to be strugglin…
  • @rkundla do you have an idea how a brand new VAT can not work ?i am testing a print with larger time exposure right now but alos bought two new VAT as i need to produce for my business.A 3 month like time for a VAT is ok for me, but a VAT that do no…
  • Hello,yes it would be great, i personnally use automatic newsletter for my site and list, every 3/4 weeks, if i have published 5 articles, an automatic email is send to my list. No assle, it's all automatic i don't even have to think about it.if the…